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Adam Scott, CFP®

Adam Scott, CFP®

Founder & CEO

Growing up in England, my father taught me his first golden rule of investing: "A diversified portfolio must have at least eight stocks". Four years later, he invested his entire life savings in one "sure thing". And sure enough, it went bankrupt. He lost everything. Since then, I’ve always looked back with appreciation for the investing lessons he gave me, and maybe that one most of all.

I developed a fascination for classic investment bubbles: The Tulip Mania of 17th Holland, and The South Sea Bubble in 18th England, both of which ensnared and devastated their respective nations for generations. These lessons remain starkly relevant in the modern economy. Drawn to investment theory, risk management, and investing behavior, I studied Economics at Bristol University, the think-tank for Margaret Thatcher's Economic Policy, and the UK leader in the burgeoning field of Monetarist Economic Theory.

Upon graduating with honors, I worked successfully for several years as a Commodities Sugar and Coffee Trader at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in London, then finally switched careers to the Entertainment Industry. In Entertainment, I found there was a great need for informed financial advice. I turned to helping others, including successful Entertainment Professionals and Creative’s, manage their financial lives. After a lifelong experience of studying market cycles, I developed an intuitive understanding, and a systematic process, that is just as relevant today in preserving wealth as it was in 17th Century Holland.

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