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Entertainment Industry Expert Advisors

WellAcre Global Wealth Advisors specializes in financial planning for professionals in the Entertainment and Film industry. Contact our experts today!

Entertainment Industry Expert Advisors

As fee-only entertainment industry expert advisors, we specialize in creative, comprehensive financial planning for highly successful artists, producers, craftspeople, and business owners. Actors, composers, writers, cinematographers, and editors, we understand your world. We know the intensity of the work and the irregular employment. We understand the challenges of long-term planning in a world of short-term projects. We understand the financial challenges where high earnings one year are decimated by taxes, leaving less for the future. And we have sophisticated solutions.

We understand the lives and challenges of entertainment industry personnel nearing or planning for retirement. We understand the different motion picture and entertainment industry pension programs and help you navigate them to make sure you maximize the money owed to you. To thrive financially and emotionally, you must have fee-only film industry expert advisors on your side to ensure that the hard-earned wealth you gained is protected and preserved. And it's not just about retirement. Building wealth benefits your whole career as you negotiate from strength. Using sophisticated wealth planning, we help grow and protect your wealth, so ultimately, you choose only to work when you want to work and only on the projects you love. This enhances your life and your career. 

The Golden Opportunity of Loan Out Corporations

Are you highly successful? Are you a highly successful entertainment industry artist, creative or department head with a loan-out corporation? If you are, there is good news for you. The American tax system is built to benefit business owners. And as the owner of a loan-out corporation, you are a business owner, and the tax system is built to benefit you. But it would be best if you had expert advice. 

Unfortunately, most tax professionals are too busy filing tax returns to think strategically. If you are lucky, your tax professional will help ensure your loan out corporation increases your deductible expenses, but is your tax professional advising you on maximizing your 20% Qualified Business Tax deduction? This strategy can particularly benefit loan out corporations in entertainment. And it is even better when combined with a sophisticated retirement plan such as those below. Such plans also help higher earners qualify who might otherwise be excluded.

Implementing The Golden Retirement Plan

Loan-out corporations are perfect vehicles for implementing highly lucrative retirement plans. Are your tax professionals putting in place retirement plans beyond a SEP or SIMPLE IRA, such as a Solo 401(k), or even better, a Defined Benefit Pension Plan? This unique structure enables you to save pre-tax an amount several times higher than your income – and to qualify for the QBI tax break when otherwise you might be excluded. How is this possible? Talk to us today.

These programs require great expertise to implement and navigate successfully. So as with your heart surgeon, you need to be in the care of a highly experienced team. That is us. If this is you, click here and talk to us today at WellAcre Global Wealth Advisors.

Strong Finances Let You Negotiate from Strength

A strong bank balance enables you to negotiate from strength and not be chasing the next job. But how much should you be keeping in the bank for a "rainy day" rather than building long-term retirement wealth? We can advise you on this. We focus on financial freedom and independence. You get to decide when to work, so your financial plan should reflect that ability.

Let Us Watch Your Back

Even the most successful Hollywood A-Listers can hit a slow spell or, worse, make disastrous financial decisions. Val Kilmer admits in the documentary Val that despite his outstanding success, he exhausted his financial resources and was left with nothing but debt by mid-life. The same was true of Merv Adelson, who was once Hollywood's most successful television producer but ended his life destitute. You need someone in your corner watching your back… and watching your business manager. 

That is us. Let us watch your back. Schedule a call today.

Long Term Planning in the World of Short-Term Projects

You never know where the next project will come from. There is only one certainty, the current project will end, and you will be looking for the next one. We help ensure that your immediate financial needs are met, that you are building and protecting wealth for long-term goals, and that your legacy will build and last for generations. 

We consider that you have needs that differ from those of other professionals. You may enjoy your highest earning potential when young, and then the runway stops abruptly mid-career. Or you may continue to work in the entertainment or film industry for several years after most professionals consider retirement. So, when is it best to claim your pension and social security if you are still working or if you retire early? Call us today at WellAcre Global Wealth Advisors, so we can help you navigate these decisions. 

<span>Unlocking the Treasures to Financial Wellness Guide</span>

Unlocking the Treasures to Financial Wellness Guide

The idea of wellness extends further than how we look and feel. Financial wellness is an important concept, and this whitepaper will explain what it is and how you can help your clients achieve it. Learn more about financial wellness and why it matters. 

Entertainment Industry Pension Experts

We understand the lives and challenges of entertainment industry personnel nearing or planning for retirement. We are experts in the different industry pension programs and help you navigate them to make sure you maximize the money owed to you. You must have fee-only film industry expert advisors on your side to ensure that the hard-earned wealth you gain is protected and preserved.

Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing

Many in the Hollywood community want to make the world a better place, and we are experts in this area. And you can decide to help the world with your investments too. This form of investing is known as SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance.) Such investing strategies traditionally might have avoided oil and coal companies, along with tobacco and liquor. They might not just avoid certain companies but focus on companies with positive traits, such as renewable energy companies or companies with more gender equality.

Traditionally, it was considered that ESG/SRI investing reduced your potential returns. However, in the last decade, such strategies have strongly outperformed the overall market due to avoiding the past and focusing on the future.

Why Work with a Fee-Only Advisor?

Receiving financial advice can be treacherous. Fee-only advisors do not sell you financial products, annuities, or insurance and do not receive commissions, whereas traditional brokers and fee-based advisors do. (Fee-based advisors may charge an investment or financial planning fee but are also licensed to sell you financial products.) Being a fee-only advisor helps ensure that we sit on the same side of the table and offer you unconflicted advice. Rather than selling you products, we focus on financial planning and giving you conflict-free financial and investment advice. 

Of course, we still need to keep the lights on and put a roof over our employees' heads, so we charge a fee. This fee is generally charged as a small percentage of your investments that we manage. The more we can grow and protect your wealth, the better it is for you and the better it is for us.

The Importance of Working with a Certified Financial Planner™, Professional

A CFP® has received a high degree of training in the five most critical areas of financial planning, including tax, estate, investment, retirement, and insurance planning. CFPs® also have to pass an extremely rigorous exam, so you have the comfort of knowing you are working with a highly trained expert. In addition, the CFP®  board requires its certificants to be fiduciaries. This means they are held to a high ethical standard and required to work in your best interest. Strangely enough, this is not the industry norm, so ensure that you are working with a CFP®. Even better, ensure you are working with a CFP® who is also a fee-only investment advisor. 

Entertainment Industry Wealth Management Services

As an entertainment and film industry wealth management specialist, we offer many services to our clients. An entertainment and film industry expert fee-only advisor can take your wealth to the next level with innovative tools and resources. Services utilized in the entertainment and film industry wealth management often differ from one individual to the next. This is because no two people have the same goals and situations in their lives. Your wealth management plan should be as unique as you are. Some services offered at our firm include:

Loan Out Corporation Advice – How to maximize the tax strategies available to reduce your taxes and maximize your wealth.

Film Industry Retirement Plan Advice – How to maximize your pension

Asset Allocation – Asset allocation is an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward through allocating assets in an investment portfolio in ways that align with an individual's goals and risk tolerance. Often, diversifying assets in the portfolio is a strategy included in the asset allocation model. Asset allocation is truly dependent on the individual, their age, and their financial goals.

ESG/SRI Investing –This form of investing is for those that want to make sure their investments align with their values and is known as SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance.)   Traditionally, it was considered that ESG/SRI investing reduced your potential returns. However, in the last decade, such strategies have strongly outperformed the overall market due to their focus on the future and avoidance of "yesterday's technologies."

Retirement – We work with individuals in every stage of life to build a retirement portfolio to help them reach their goals and live the life they have always wanted to live in retirement. We go through a strategic planning process to ensure that no pieces of your retirement portfolio are missing.

Estate – We help you create an estate plan that aligns with your belief system and values. Know that your wishes will be honored and that you have a plan for how your legacy will live on after you pass away.

Investment – Investment planning encompasses so much more than selecting a few stocks to put your money towards. To truly maximize your investment planning portfolio, we work closely with you to identify your needs and wants. We create comprehensive strategies to make sure your money is working hard for you in your investment portfolio at a risk level you are comfortable with.

Insurance – Protecting what matters most to individuals and families. We do not sell insurance, but we are experts and can help guide and advise you to get the appropriate, cost-effective insurance solutions to manage the risk inherent to life.

Tax – Assuring that your tax implications are mitigated and that you have a tax-friendly portfolio.

Money – You work hard for your money. We make sure your money works hard for you.

Lifestyle – The lifestyle you want is closer than you think. Learn how to preserve and grow your wealth.


Call us today. Let's start implementing these strategies and protecting and enhancing your future!

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