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In our Red Carpet Retirement™ Podcast we provide real life stories of what to do - and what not to do - illustrating our unique strategies that help Make Work Optional™ to help ensure your Red Carpet Retirement™ success and illustrating how best to enjoy it! 

We help Make Work Optional™ for highly successful pre-retirees and retirees by helping to enhance and secure their financial future. We do our best work with business owners and those from the entertainment and creative industries. Listen and learn today!


Avoid costly CPA mistakes on your current or next tax return!

Today on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam Scott CFP® talks about common but unintended mistakes CPAs make. Our discussion isn’t about pointing fingers but rather about uncovering common oversights in the filing process, how they happen, and, most importantly, how you can avoid being caught by surprise with unnecessary tax hits.

Make sure your path to a seamless retirement isn’t derailed by avoidable tax mishaps. Stay tuned for our next episode where Adam discusses some of the opportunities missed by CPAs.


The first quarter of 2024 was particularly unusual and interesting in the economy and financial markets, so for the first time on Red Carpet Retirement we are doing a quarterly market review.

In this episode, Adam Scott CFP® dissects the impactful first quarter of 2024, analyzing stock market shifts, economic trends, and a surprising twist on the usual recession predictions. He unravels the events that led to one of the most unpredictable quarters in recent memory, from the economy’s surprising buoyancy to the stock market’s rally, contrasted with the cautious bond market and looming Federal Reserve decisions. With a keen eye on what these changes mean for entrepreneurs and creatives preparing for retirement, this episode is packed with expert insights, future speculations, and valuable takeaways.


What’s the secret to raising financially and mentally healthy young adults? This is never easy, and for wealthy families, it can be particularly challenging.

In this episode on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam Scott, CFP® teams up with Liz Mohler, an esteemed ICF-accredited career and life coach, to explore the complex but crucial topic of raising financially and mentally healthy children. Their conversation includes strategies for instilling a healthy relationship with money in children, especially those growing up in affluent environments, and shared experiences aimed at guiding your kids toward a prosperous and balanced future. They tackle the complexities of parenting in today’s economic landscape, offering actionable advice on everything from allowances to nurturing a sense of purpose, so vitally important to mental health.


They say retirement is like a second childhood—except this time, you’re the one in charge! It’s time to set new goals!

This week on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam speaks with Liz Mohler, an esteemed ICF-accredited career and life coach, about setting goals in retirement. While focusing on the importance of goal setting and finding purpose, they address the emotional and social challenges retirees face, such as the loss of work-related social networks and the need to redefine daily routines. Liz offers her expertise on navigating these changes, emphasizing the value of mentoring and volunteering. Adam shares personal anecdotes, including his own struggle with the concept of retirement and his wife Cynthia’s positive experiences post-retirement.

2023 Market Wrap-Up and 2024 Projections | Ep.19

2023’s market forecasts were dark, but the markets kept out of the shadows. Let’s take a look at what we think 2024 may look like.

This week on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam Scott reflects on 2023’s financial market outlook. Looking forward into 2024, he talks about the potential impact of the Federal Reserve’s policies, inflation, and interest rates, as well as how the upcoming presidential election might influence market dynamics. Adam also touches on the recent performance of stocks and bonds, corporate earnings, and provides an economic forecast for 2024.

How To Maximize Your Retirement Savings Using The Mega-Backdoor Roth Strategy| Ep.18

Are you looking for ways to maximize your tax-advantaged retirement savings bucket? (In other words, a savings bucket where both growth and withdrawals are tax-free!) A mega backdoor Roth 401(k) might be what you need.

This week, Adam Scott, CFP®, delves into the ins and outs of a mega backdoor Roth 401(k), a financial maneuver that can potentially help you supercharge your retirement savings. You will also learn how an IRA is different from a 401(k) account, and ways to optimize your retirement income strategy.

Use Roth Conversions to Reduce your Lifetime Taxes: Turning Financial Lemons into Lemonade| Ep.17

There are many benefits to Roth conversions. But beware! Don’t step on a land mine when implementing that can blow your finances up!

In this episode, Adam introduces his new co-host, Patrice Sikora, before discussing the benefits of Roth conversions. They highlight how these conversions can help reduce taxable income and potentially avoid higher taxes and higher Medicare premiums in retirement.

The Downtown Real Estate Armageddon (and What it Means for You)| Ep.16

We’re not here to spread alarm but to unravel the intricate web of challenges and transformations reshaping the commercial real estate sector. Join us for an in-depth exploration of what’s causing the downtown commercial real estate Armageddon and what it means for the future of these urban landscapes.

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP® discusses the current real estate environment and potential challenges in the market. As the conversation weaves through these market dynamics, Adam reflects on the broader implications for companies. 

Don't Be Fooled By This Dirty Little Secret| Ep.15

When it comes to financial advisory, finding the right balance between innovation and caution is crucial. With the rise of data and technology, risk analysis software has become a popular tool for guiding investment strategies. But should we rely on this software? What are the risks of doing so?

In this episode, Adam Scott explores the world of risk analysis software in the financial advisory industry. He uncovers the misuse of the software by some advisors who manipulate them to present past performance and cherry-pick investments, emphasizing the importance of combining it with wisdom and knowledge.

Real Estate Part 2: The Future May Be Different | Ep.14

Real Estate values always go up, right?

In this episode, Adam provides an in-depth analysis of the future of rental properties. They dismantle the perception of real estate as a guaranteed win, exploring the pros and cons, tax implications, financial intricacies, and potential challenges of managing rental properties.

Real Estate Part 1: What Is the Future for Home Prices? | Ep.13

We’ve received a lot of questions about real estate and Adam Scott addresses them in this two-part real state series.

In this episode, Adam talks about real estate across America and how the future may differ from what we’ve seen happen historically. He goes over what’s going on with the housing market, whether it’s a good time to buy or sell, how taxes can affect the housing market, and what tax strategies you can use to minimize your real estate taxes.

10 Things You Should Think About When It Comes To Long-Term Care Insurance With Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs | Ep.12

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care. If you thought it did or haven’t purchased long-term care insurance for any other reason, Adam has 10 things for you to think about before you make your final decision.

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP®, introduces a dear friend of his, Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs, Founder of Quantum Insurance Services and Women Of Wealth, to go over 10 things you should know about long-term care insurance.

How To Choose A Great CPA | Ep.11

Why did the CPA cross the road?

To get to the other side of the balance sheet.

In this episode, Adam sheds light on a crucial topic that concerns many individuals and businesses: how to find a GREAT CPA. Adam discusses the questions you should be asking and takes you through eight essential steps that will help you identify and select the right tax professional for you.

Top 5 Strategies for Business Owners and Freelancers to Build Wealth | Ep.10

For business owners and freelancers in entertainment, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! CPAs look through the rearview mirror at where you have been. Good Financial Planners help you navigate the route ahead.

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP®, provides 5 valuable wealth-building insights and practical tax-saving strategies that CPAs often don’t know or overlook. Listen in as Adam unpacks these strategies to help you achieve greater financial flexibility to pursue your dreams and enjoy your hard-earned money.

The Top 10 Sexiest Benefits Of The Secure Act 2.0 | Ep.9

Spice up your retirement planning with the Secure Act 2.0’s hottest benefit strategies.

Retirement planning may not sound like the sexiest topic, but the Secure Act 2.0 is changing that. In this episode, Adam discusses several benefit strategies that employers, retirees, pre-retirees, and even younger employees can take advantage of, and they’re anything but boring.

The 10 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes | Ep.8

Estate planning isn’t a fun topic of conversation, but it’s more important than you might think. Don’t miss these 10 common mistakes.

In this episode, Adam Scott shares 10 of the most significant estate planning mistakes. He explains what they are and how to avoid them! He also drives the lessons home with a few stories about instances of these snafus.

10 Important Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor | Ep. 7

Finding a financial advisor can be difficult. Just because they are likable doesn’t mean they will be excellent at taking care of you. How can you tell the difference?

In this episode, Adam shares 10 of the most important questions everyone should ask their financial advisor, especially if they are in the interview process, to find out if the financial advisor will actually help them, how they’ll help, or if the advisor will put their own interests first.

The Top 8 Tax Oversights That CPAs And Their Clients Make | Ep. 6

Taxes are something everyone could save money on by properly implementing tax strategies, but many of those strategies can easily be overlooked.

In this episode, Adam brings attention to the top 8 tax oversights CPAs and clients make. He explains how these overlooked strategies can save clients tons of money unnecessarily spent on taxes and he emphasizes the importance of having tax returns double-checked by a financial advisor before submitting them.

Top 10 Year-End Tax Tips | Ep. 5

The end of the tax year is rapidly approaching, and we have 10 tips to help you minimize your taxes.

In this episode, Adam shares his Top 10 year-end tax tips as the end of 2022 nears. He talks about Roth conversions, why and when it’s a great strategy to reduce taxes, and how it works. Adding to Roth conversions, Adam shares a few stories about putting Roth conversions into practice and finishes with a speedy roundup of nine other great year-end tax strategies.

Our 90-10 Investment Process™: Part 2 | Episode 4

We help reduce risk, enhance returns and create more certainty with our 90-10 Investment Process™ and our 5 Investment Pillars. Previously, we talked about pillars 1-3. Today, we wrap up our philosophy with pillars 4 and 5.

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP® elaborates on the 90-10 Investment Process™ with a recap of pillars 1-3 before diving into pillars 4 and 5. Adam unpacks the bucket investment strategy and shares a story explaining how the different types of buckets can be utilized. Adam then talks about the significance of tax efficiency in navigating your financial journey.

Our 90-10 Investment Process™: Part 1 | Episode 3 

Many smart people invest inefficiently, or worse they make catastrophic investment mistakes. They don't know what they don't know. At WellAcre, we help minimize risk, enhance returns and create more certainty with our patented 90-10 investment Process™ and our 5 Investment Pillars.

In this episode, Adam introduces WellAcre Wealth Management’s 90-10 Investment Process™, goes over the 5 Investment Pillars, and elaborates on the first three in-depth. Don’t hesitate to contact Adam Scott, CFP® for more information or subscribe to Red Carpet Retirement for our upcoming episode about the last two pillars of our investment strategy.

Making Work Optional with WellAcre Wealth Management, LLC | Episode 2

What is it like to work with WellAcre Wealth Management, LLC and how do they make work optional?

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP® describes the Red Carpet Experience of working with WellAcre Wealth Management. Adam covers the significance of being a fee-only financial planner and the importance of their patented Lunar Landing Wealth Management Formula™.  Adam goes over what someone can expect when they call the office to arrange a meeting with him, and describes the Lunar Landing Formula designed to make work optional. This includes a description of four of the main pillars of Advanced Financial Planning.

Meet Your Red Carpet Retirement Host Adam Scott, CFP® | Episode 1 

Here at Red Carpet Retirement, we help Make Work Optional™ for successful pre-retirees and retirees by helping to enhance and secure their financial future. We do our best work with business owners and highly successful individuals from the entertainment and creative industries. Listen and learn today!

In this first episode, Adam Scott, CFP® starts his podcast with stories about his experiences in the entertainment industry and how he got into the financial services industry. Adam shares what success looks like to him and what to expect in future episodes.

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